Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Jewel on Euclid Avenue

The next time you are driving past 140th and Euclid; please stop at one of the most exciting library facilities, I have visited--and believe me, I have been in tens of libraries across the country.

The East Cleveland Public library cannot be compared to anything because it is unique--imagine the meeting space at the Cleveland Clinic--that seats over 200 combined with the New Jersey Arts Performance Center or the Oberlin College Conservatory Hall--you get the picture.

Now envision hundreds of books, new computers, meeting spaces, children's room, and much, much more.

While you are visiting, say hi to the Executive Director, Greg Reece, a champion and torchbearer for African Americans in the library industry, who raised close to 3.9 million dollars by himself to achieve a spectacular community space.

All that happens, and is happening in the City of East Cleveland is not poverty, crime, single moms or grandmothers.

What is happening in the City is the illumination of bright minds, inquisitive souls, and hungry people, sharing and appreciating, a treasured community asset.

I'll let you in on a secret, the Great Lakes Theater plans a series of performances at the library, and guess what, the Cleveland orchestra has performed in this space that has a cutting edge concert space and 50,000 Steinway piano.

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