Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kauffman Foundation Launches Entrepreneur-Training Program to Spur Job Creation

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation has announced a new $1 million effort to offer entrepreneurial training programs in communities that have been hit hard by layoffs and the recession.

In partnership with the Deluxe Corporation Foundation, which provided $500,000 in funding, Kauffman will roll out its FastTrac LaunchPad business-development program in New York City in March, with cities in other states, including Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, and Minnesota, to follow. The FastTrac program, which was established by the Kauffman Foundation fifteen years ago, provides training and education for individuals who have lost their jobs and entrepreneurs whose businesses are struggling in a tough economy. To help emerging and struggling entrepreneurs get a quicker start, the ten-week program will be offered on a truncated schedule.

According to a recent Kauffman-funded Census Bureau study, startup companies are a major contributor to job creation, and although the number of business startups tends to decline slightly during cyclical downturns, the number of existing startups remains robust even in the most severe recessions.

"Entrepreneurs will be the foundation of our nation's economic recovery because they start and grow businesses that create jobs," said Kauffman Foundation president and CEO Carl Schramm. "The Kauffman Foundation is dedicated to providing practical tools for entrepreneur training and development to fuel this recovery. The FastTrac LaunchPad initiative offers an incredible opportunity for communities across the nation, local entrepreneurs, and small business owners to build businesses and create jobs."

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  1. Carl Schramm’s Recession, Far From Over, Already Setting Records
    April 27, 2009 by entrepreneurshipeconomist
    Having made the economy worse over the past seven years by insituting the entrepreneurship-free entrepreneurship that is the central plank of Schrammenomics, Carl Schramm is now attenmpting to institute Austrian-free Austiran Ecnomics, hiring Dane Stangler to replace the noble content of the Austrians with Bo Fishback MBA buzzwords such as “growthology.” The theory is that is Carl Schramm gets enough invites to fancy dinners on first class flights (bought and paid for by Kauffman, like Carl Schramm’s George Eastman Kodak Medal), he can revive the economy as he and Bo Fishback and Dane Stangler hold hands as they fly first class, chanting “grothology,” “growthology,” “growthology” while coming up with new ways to konsolidate power at kauffman so that no matter how bad the economy gets, no matter how many entrepreneurs and true academics they they oppose and afflict, they will yet receive millions for Carl Schramm’s seven years of failed, eocnomy-killing, home-foreclosing, self-serving, MBA-buzzword chanting Schrammenomics. Sure you can buy a lot of medals, firends, and supporters with a $2.5 billion foundation, as long as you are an ambitious political manipulator. When the noble, exalted Kauffman left his estate for entrepreneurs and entreprnuership, he never defined entreprneurship as hijacking a ofundation and using it to fund one’s own content-light, insipid, anti-intelletcual vanity press and purshcase George Eastman Kodak medals while hiring anti-entreprneur MBAs/JDs to replace the exalted spirit of entreprneurship with “growthology” buzzwords.